Cosmos Kenard Ficklin
Florida Sex Offender Registry

  • Cosmos Kenard Ficklin
  • AKACosmos K Ficklin Cosmos Ficklin
  • DOB10/25/1970
  • RaceBlack
  • SexMale
  • Height601"
  • Weight180 lbs
  • Hair Black
  • Eyes Brown
  • Vehicle 1998 Not Available LINCOLN Not Available 2004 Vehicle ColorBLACK LAND ROVER Not Available 2009 BLACK LAND ROVER CKF
  • Last Update 11/2019

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This is a SINGLE RECORD we found for Cosmos Kenard Ficklin in the Florida Sex Offender Registry Database.

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Florida Sex Offender Registry
10/19/1995 SEX BAT/INJ NOT LIKELY; FS 794011(5) (PRINCIPAL) Leon FL
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Property Est Value $454116

Leon County

Personal Details
Tattoo Right Chest Tattoo Back
Vehicle Information
1998 Not Available LINCOLN Not Available 2004 Vehicle ColorBLACK LAND ROVER Not Available 2009 BLACK LAND ROVER CKF

Cosmos Kenard Ficklin was once located in the Florida Sex Offender Registry .
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