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Upgrade to our Premium Detective Edition to unlock deeper searches through our Detective Panel that covers the entire USA! Premium members are also able to search all databases at once with more detailed results and reports. Search public records including birth/death, marriage/divorce records, active wants & warrants, most wanted, arrest logs and more by state/county.

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As long as its for personal use there is no charge to search our multiple databases.

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Instantly scan the entire country for a persons criminal record and sex offender status

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Since 2001 we've been gathering pubic data and currently hold more records then most US counties!

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Sex Offenders

Data Does It questions and answers

Yes! As long as your using our services for personal use, there is no fee -- you don't even need to register! To run unlimited free searches, enter the persons name in the form at the top of the page.
For Developers or Business Use our API is only 1 cent per call!
Offender data comes from local, state and federal databases. People locater data comes from various tel-co providers throughout the country.
As long as it's legal and you follow all local and state guidelines, your wecome to do whatever you wish, after all it is public data!

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Sex Offender API

The Sexual Offender API scans the entire country by first and last name and returns the complete address and photo of the subject.
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A set rate of only $0.01 Cent per API Call. A single API call can yeild hundreds of records at once, depending on the search term. Pre pay for as many calls as you like, system is 100% automated and instant.
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Depending on the search term used, results can include the subjects photo, address, date of birth, sex, race, height, weight, personal details and more. Results are provided in XML format.

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